Ralph Basile: ISO Certification for SPD Departments & AAMI/ASTM Updates

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Ralph J. Basile, Vice President of Marketing and Regulatory Affairs for Healthmark Industries Co., Inc. He is a member of AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee including Cochair for Work Group 12. He is a U.S. delegate to ISO/TC198 WG12 & WG13. He is also a member of several ASTM Committees related to medical devices, including Cochair for ASTM F04.15.17.

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Segment 1 (02:45) – ISO Background & Intersection w/ Sterile Processing Standards Segment 2 (14:45) – AAMI/ASTM Updates & Standards Related to Cleaning Medical Devices


Join us next week when we will speak with Nestor Hernandez, SPD Manager at Lehigh Valley Health Network. #beyondclean

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