Ready, AIM, Automate! The Next Generation of Sterile Processing Automation

There are things that people do well and things that machines do well. By combining those two, we get the optimal result of a collaboration between humans and machines. Parts of the average Sterile Processing Department already include some kind of automation. But what about all those other dangerous, boring, or overly complex tasks that Sterile Processing technicians struggle to complete on a daily basis? The technology that helps us solve those challenges already exists and on this week’s release of the Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Braun Kiess, Co-Founder and Chief Sales and Finance Officer of RST Automation, about the AIM Tray Assembly and AIM Peel Pack Systems. These systems are changing the way Sterile Processing Departments are utilizing technology to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Can humans collaborate with technology? They can and should! Listen now to find out why.

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