Reducing Repetitive Supply Chain Tasks: Moving us to Automation

“What’s better than a 50% improvement? 100% automation!” – Reuben Mathew Philips spends some time discussing the benefits of automation with Justin Poulin and Hays Waldrop.  Running the same report manually every day, week or month? Clicking through the same fields day in and day out to complete routine tasks? Automation can eliminate these arduous functions and give valuable time back to employees so they can focus on where they shine – delivering on high quality strategic activities rather than monotonous and insistent work. The healthcare supply chain has a lot to learn from other industries and Reuben brings his years of experience to show how we can use automation to make our teams more efficient and effective! So whether you still like driving a stick shift like Justin or an automatic, tune in and don’t let this episode pass you by!

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