Relevance: The Key Sales Ingredient and Why Most Reps Miss It

What’s the line between being aggressive with your quota and pushy with your customers? Relevance. While there’s no real value in pushing products, customers will find value when you alert them to issues they don’t even see coming.

Mace Horoff, creator of the Medical Sales Academy and 38-year frontline sales veteran, says it’s these insights that allow us to provide maximum benefit to our prospects. Where most reps see difficulties and dried-up pipelines, Mace sees the makings of a golden age. The shift, he says, lies in focusing on the moment-to-moment relevance of your product or service. In this interview, we’ll talk with Mace about how you can alert your customers to growing gaps and connect your offer to the solution.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to add value to your customers with follow-up calls
  • Why playing off doctors’ competitive nature is so effective and how to leverage that angle ethically
  • Why “pending business” is more dangerous to your mindset than no business at all
  • How sales managers can better coach on product relevance

Plus, we shatter a common myth shared by the sales industry as a whole!

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