Relieving Pain With Virtual Reality Technology: How to Build a Med-Tech Startup with Jon Weinberg (#4)

Shortly after completing his MBA at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, Jon Weinberg took the entrepreneurial leap and entered the start-up world. Jon is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Karuna Labs, a med-tech startup that is revolutionizing chronic pain management with virtual reality technology. Jon and fellow co-founder/CEO Lincoln Nguyen started the company about three years ago, and have since partnered with some of the countries top health systems, providers, and payers.

In this episode Jon walks us through how Karuna got started, their game-changing technology, and his recommendations for anyone looking to engage healthcare’s start-up world.


0:52 – How did you get into the healthcare industry?

1:37 – Jon on meeting his Co-Founder and starting Karuna

2:53 – What were the steps leading up to you jumping into Karuna full time?

4:03 – What does Karuna actually do?

5:48 – What stage was the company in when you joined and what were your primary objectives?’

7:40 – How did you prioritize your action plan and at what point did you know you were ready to start selling?

9:46 – In order to get the first users was it you and your partner doing the selling?

11:07 – What were some of your big wins and/or key milestones along the way?

12:41 – What are some key characteristics/qualities the you think are necessary to be a successful executive at a healthcare startup

15:13 – Are there one or two key insights that you took away from the process of building Karuna?

17:34 – What recommendations do you have for those looking to engage the healthcare start-up world?

20:02 – Current standing: Where are you located, who are you working with, etc?

21:39 – Where can we expect to see Karuna in five to ten years from now?


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