Reputation SEO vs Traditional SEO: Analyzing the Future of Local SEO w/ rater8 CEO Evan Steele #183

How are online reviews shaping our healthcare choices?

Joining us today to answer this question is Evan Steele, Founder and CEO of rater8, the healthcare industry’s leader in online reputation management. With 25 years of expertise in healthcare technology, Evan is here to shed light on the increasing influence of reviews and ratings on individuals’ healthcare decisions. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining a strong and balanced online presence to set yourself apart. Additionally, he discusses the importance of the synergy between reputational SEO and traditional SEO, and how creating valuable, engaging content can enhance your search visibility.

Tune in to discover strategies for optimizing your online presence, gaining an edge on Google, and increasing patient engagement!

[00:01 – 06:30] Promoting Your Business with Patient-Generated Content

[06:31 – 08:46] Best Practices with The 4 R’s: Ratings, Review, Recency, and Responses

[08:47 – 14:36] Pairing Reputational SEO and Traditional SEO to Increase Visibility

[14:37 – 21:01] Leveraging Technology and Championing Hands-On Service to Win Customers 

[21:02 – 26:48] How to Track Your Growth with rater8 and GA4

[26:49 – 29:45] Wrapping Up!

Want to connect with Evan? Follow him on LinkedIn. Visit rater8’s website at or email them at

Key Quotes:

“Unhappy, peeved patients are far more likely to go home and post. When you’re like, oh, I love this doctor. The last thing on my mind is coming home and posting a review. But if I’m really upset, I’m going to post that one-star review.” – Evan Steele

“Patients tend to just kind of look for bad things if all they see is good things online, so you want to create a balanced online reputation.” – Evan Steele

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