Resetting Your Mindset for 2022: What Every Rep Should Know

It’s high time you let yourself suck at something new—in fact, it could be the best thing you do for your MedTech career in 2022. You’re probably familiar with the concept of fixed vs. growth mindsets as outlined in psychologist Carol Dweck’s landmark book “Mindset.” But mere surface knowledge of the daily tips, tricks, and techniques she popularized won’t revolutionize your career. In this special book review episode, we explain why most MedTech reps manage a growth mindset in some areas but fall into a fixed mindset where it really counts. Discover the problem with “problem territories,” why pointing fingers at marketing doesn’t make you a better sales rep, and how to combat your customers’ fixed mindsets. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why being your hardest critic causes you to miss more opportunities
  • How to acknowledge failure in a healthier, more constructive way
  • The reason we tend to seek comfort from our own faulty assumptions in social situations
  • Practical steps for replacing self-deprecation with course-altering questions
  • Why “smart” kids often grow up to be risk-averse adults


Plus, we explore adopting what works—and discarding what doesn’t—from the mindsets of colleagues and competitors. 



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