Risk Adjustment: Data driven Healthcare

In our first episode of Season 5 we are hitting the ground running with a popular topic. Creating a Risk Adjustment Education experience for Coders and Facilities will be so valuable for the Industry and help improve the quality of patient care. The data we collect and the education we provide as Risk Adjustment educators and coders helps to accomplish this.

  • How to improve your Risk Adjustment Team
  • What does it take to discoverthe financial Impact of your Risk Adjustment program integrated through data solutions?
  • How can a Risk Adjustment education program Reduce Coding Errors and ensure Complete code capture toaccount for proper reimbursements, manage costs of high-risk patient populations, and provide a high quality of care?
  • What is the value in bringing in Subject Matter experts to educate Coding staff on Risk adjustment?

Check out the Authparency Website http://authparency.com/

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