Risky Business: Integrating Risk Management and Supply Chain

What do risk management and supply chain have in common? With constant supply chain constraints, shortages and product substitutions, can risk management help build resiliency into the healthcare supply chain? With constant supply chain disruptions, what is the difference between a “clinically acceptable” product and a “clinically preferable” product? Join this timely conversation with Justin Poulin, Mike Schiller, senior director of supply chain at AHRMM and Sarah Bush, director of risk management and rehab therapies at Temecula Valley Hospital as they discuss how to integrate risk management methodologies to build a more resilient supply chain. Risk management, who focus on proactively identifying, reducing and mitigating risks, can be a strong partner for supply chain teams as they continue to face disruptions and shortages. Tune in to this week’s episode and start the conversation with your risk management team today!  

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