S1E10: Ep 10 Pathologists | Origin Stories

Everyone has a story…

Pathology is Medicine. The day-to-day challenges and opportunities in pathology are mixed and varied. Often, very much like the journey of Pathologists into Pathology, the queries can take many different pathways. For example, Pathologists can be asked questions such as:

  • Is this skin malignant?
  • What infection is this?
  • Has her breast cancer spread?
  • Why is he anaemic?
  • What respiratory infection is this?

In this episode we reflect both the path into Pathology and why as pathologists we do what we do and why we have got to where we are.

Plus we share a few stories from along the way.

This podcast includes interviews with:

Dr Suchitra Somers
Link https://www.clinpath.com.au/about-us/clinpath-leadership/our-pathologists/dr-suchitra-somers/

Dr Nicole Sladden
Link https://www.clinpath.com.au/about-us/clinpath-leadership/our-pathologists/dr-nicole-sladden/

Dr Adam Swalling
Link https://www.clinpath.com.au/about-us/clinpath-leadership/our-pathologists/dr-adam-swalling/

Dr Rebecca Morrow
Link https://www.clinpath.com.au/about-us/clinpath-leadership/our-pathologists/dr-rebecca-morrow/

Dr Fergus Whitehead
Link https://www.clinpath.com.au/about-us/clinpath-leadership/chief-executive-officer/

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