S1E23: Ep 23 Health IT Security | Avoiding the flat line

The implications for Healthcare to lose control or access to the IT systems is literally life threatening.

The first confirmed fatality occurred when a Ransomware attack unintentionally struck a German University Hospital in September 2020. There have been over 80 public cases of Ransomware attacks occurred in the US targeting Healthcare institutions in 2020. These are on the rise as Healthcare provides an attractive target with dated IT software, time critical data, and private patient information that can be used and leveraged, even if the target reverts to back-ups.

With hospitals left in a no-win situation, they will often pay the ransom to (hopefully) restore access to their systems/data but also increases the likelihood of future attacks.

Our special guests:

Dr Nick Tellis
GP and Owner PartridgeGP
Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Flinders University College of Medicine and Public Health

John Stronner
Chief Executive Officer | Loftus Technology Group
Certified Data Protection Officer

Dr Nick tellis Bio:

Dr Nick Tellis is a specialist GP who has been working in General Practice since 2002 and has owned general practices since 2007.

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