Scaling Access to Connections with David Moser

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Can we bring a door-to-door approach to the modern age? Building a relationship with office staff and learning how to navigate their space is still important, but we need to take our approach to the digital world. And instead of talking to a few people in the office, you can reach an infinite audience depending on what you do for yourself online.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, David Moser, VP of Growth at imaware, returns to break down why social media is a valuable tool for your set. We also examine the difference between candidates that resist change and those that are on board with it, key actions to amplify sales, and the commitment required for building an audience.

Listen for more on:

  • Sales tactics beyond door-to-door
  • The long game of digital sales
  • Skillsets required for sales today
  • How AI can be used to help you build confidence and create content
  • The benefits that can come from sharing your knowledge

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