Seeing What Others Miss: Techniques for More Authentic Communication

Are your own mannerisms, body language, and tone working against you in high-stakes conversations? Almost certainly, says Shelly O’Donovan, communication expert and CEO of Authentic Influence Group. She’s coached scores of executives and sales teams in MedTech and Pharma on how to be more conscious of nonverbal communication, and we caught up with her to learn how MedTech reps can recognize dozens of subtle, largely subconscious behaviors to secure buy-in, preserve trust, and drive business. Join us as we discuss the prehistoric reason why you should never talk with your hands in your pockets, how learning to read micro-expressions will impact the questions you ask people, and simple ways you can practice ‘reading the room’ to better manage conversations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to wean yourself off ‘blocking behaviors’ that can stunt dialogue 
  • What your suprasternal notch is, and how it releases hormones that help you calm down
  • Why handshakes are worth at least 3 hours of quality face time
  • Why your phone calls go better when you’re looking at the person’s profile picture
  • How your smart phone can inhibit an in-person conversation—even when you’re not using it

Plus, we talk about where (and when) you should be directing your eyes while speaking on Zoom calls.



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