Seeking Safer Probes: The Ultimate Tool in Automating Ultrasound Quality

The world of safely & compliantly managing ultrasound probe inventory is no easy feat. Manual leak testing is excessively time-consuming, and the lack of proactive equipment management leaves these high-cost devices open to regular inventory downtime and catastrophic failure. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™, we speak with Levi Moore, B.Sc., MBA, President and COO Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, about his company’s mission to simultaneously reduce the costs associated with maintaining this equipment, while ensuring both patient and user safety, as well as the clinical integrity of the ultrasound examination itself. Tune in to find out about how the Ampsafe™ microprocessor based Ultrasound Transducer Leakage tester automates the manual steps currently required in leakage testing, presents actual leakage values, ensures data integrity, and automatically communicates these results to your clinical engineer team!


Sterile processing departments who are interested in moving their electrical testing into an automated and time and money-saving process can contact Levi’s team through their website (, via email (at, or by phone (303.834.8413). 


And don’t forget to follow Acertara on Linkedin for more education around ultrasound quality, testing, and safety!




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