Selling from the ‘Press Box’: Coordinating Clinical, Strategic, & Economic Value Like a Coach

Most reps feel comfortable facilitating the clinical sale, but when it comes to talkin’ business operations with their physician customers, they quickly turn from ‘go-getter’ to ‘procrastinator.’ So how do you address that elephant in the room and unlock deeper trust? Duston Harper has found success by broaching the business sale early and often, recognizing that today’s temporary discomfort plants the seeds for tomorrow’s opportunities. Join us as the VP of business development at SnapNurse shares what it means to “sell from the press box” and attack the sale from all angles with confidence. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Duston’s time in corporate sales for Home Depot gave him an edge in MedTech
  • The subtle yet important difference between stress and worry
  • Why avoiding business side discussions can often put the sale at greater risk
  • How to proactively address a customer’s negative opinion of your company

Plus, Duston shares his most practical tips for broaching difficult subjects with customers.

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