Shifts in MedTech Company Culture: Where to Make Concessions and Where to Draw the Line

As a company grows and matures, how should its culture change? Some think it shouldn’t change at all… and MedTech market development specialist Michael Waidler thinks they’re half right. Michael is a President’s Club winner and current area business director with Palette Life Sciences. And though the hustle-and-grind ethic of start-up culture courses through his veins, he understands change that is inevitable—and that every rep has a different threshold for it. Join us as we discuss what shifting company culture can reveal about you as a sales professional, how leaders can better prepare their teams for the realities of acquisition, and what a growth-driven culture looks like.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be folded into—and not steamrolled by—a larger organization
  • How a team’s transition from “nothing to lose” to “everything to lose” impacts a rep’s mindset
  • Why change isn’t scary at all (so long as your company has the right stop gaps in place)
  • Warning signs that your culture might be changing for the worse
  • How to use the Predictive Index to find appropriate fits as you scale (or start from scratch)

Plus, we touch on the necessity of self-awareness when charting a career path.



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