Showing Physician Partners What’s Possible with Better Banking

Should a father, husband, and physician charged with the care of critically ill patients have to ask “an adult” to co-sign on a $2,000 personal loan? Of course not. Yet that’s the message Michael Jerkins, MD, M.Ed, kept hearing from banks during his residency—and his frustrations became the fuel for co-founding Panacea Financial. We sat down with Michael to learn how his “bank built for doctors, by doctors” does things differently. Join us as we discuss the overlooked financial stresses of transitioning from med school to residency and beyond, financial options that can help junior partners buy into a practice, and smarter ways to consolidate student loan and credit card debt.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Valuable lending insights to pass along to customers
  • The “learned helpless” that’s holding docs back financially
  • How physicians can finance a practice buy-in without liens 
  • The biggest financial barriers at each stage of a physician’s care                 

Plus, we dig into why personal relationships—not balance sheets—should drive banking.



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