Stephen Kovach: “The CPD Guy”, Enhanced visual inspection technologies, Legal Responsibilities

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Stephen Kovach, Director of Education at Healthmark Industries.  He has been in the Hospital field for over 37 years.  Stephen is active both on the state and national levels of various organizations having held many positions.  He is a voting member on various AAMI committees and has a personal web site where you can read many of his articles; He has also authored chapters in both the IAHCSMM 7th Technical manual and the Management manual.  He is very proud to say that he has “WORKED IN CENTRAL SERVICE”.

Segment 1 – 03:12

  • Biographic/Industry Experience
  • Becoming “The CPD Guy”
  • Overview of Crazy4Clean

Segment 2 – 19:18

  • Infection, Device Design, and IFUs
  • Enhanced Visual Inspection
  • Overview of Available Technologies for Inspection

Segment 3 – 36:49

  • Flexible Scope Cleaning Challenges
  • Legal Responsbility
  • Realistic Expectations & Mentorship

Join us next week when our guest will be Bob Marrs, Director of Consulting Services & Field Operations with Aesculap. #beyondclean

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