Sterile Processing Research Survey with Peter Nichol, MD

If you were given the opportunity to make a significant impact on the sustainability of the Sterile Processing industry as a profession, would you take it? Sterile Processing is a high-risk, high-stress, and high-tech industry. In many facilities it isn’t sufficiently supported financially, in terms of safety, and also in terms of education-based career ladders and on this week’s episode we talk with Dr. Peter Nichol who is spearheading a research project that could change the way this industry is supported. Studies show that the amount of waste that comes from SPD is in the billions. Dr. Nichol gives equations that can help determine waste in your department and gives a call-to-action to be an active part of the necessary improvements for the industry as a whole. The issues that exist (high-turnover, reprocessing waste, case delays, etc.) are fixable if we pool our resources together toward forward progress. Tune in now to learn how you can be a part of the solution!

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