STERILE SCOPES: The Final Frontier of Endoscope Reprocessing- Jenni Gibbs

There’s an incredible amount of research that has been presented on and published the last 10 years about the dangers associated with improper reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. As healthcare facilities work through risk assessments to determine what process changes to implement, moving from disinfection to sterilization is likely part of that conversation. On this week’s re-released throwback episode from Season 2, we spoke with Jenni Gibbs who discusses that very transition. She touches on everything from how this type of transition aligns with the mission of her healthcare facility to what staff engagement looks like in the midst of such a change. For all of you who are reading this right now and are about to listen to this interview who have thought about this change or tried to implement this transition and weren’t quite successful, listen now to find out how to set endoscope sterilization up for success at your hospital.

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