Tackling the Soft Dollar Challenge with the C-Suite

Why are health systems the only ones not making money? How can supply chain work to break down silos and bridge the gap to the C-suite when looking at soft dollar savings and cost avoidance strategies? What resources does supply chain need to be effective and how can they use data to make better informed decisions? Don’t miss this week’s episode with Tim Ingram, founder at 60:60 Consultancy LLC, joins Justin, Garry and Hays as he brings his 44 years of experience to discuss tactics supply chain leaders can employ to help decrease costs through supply utilization and contract negotiations. Whether you are new to the healthcare supply chain or have decades of experience you will be able to gain insights on how to better interact with clinical teams, the c-suite and vendors. Don’t miss out on this episode with decades of experience from an Air Force and supply chain veteran! 

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