Tactical Maneuvers That Compel Your Customers to Action

Clark Wiederhold is the Chief Sales Officer at TrackableMed. With more than a decade of MedTech sales leadership experience, he’s seen his share of success and failure.

In this episode, Clark imparts indispensable wisdom to help you persevere in our unique and nuanced industry. Listen and learn as he rolls up his sleeves and shares the tactical maneuvers based on neuroscience that are proven to move customers to take action.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How “labelling” and “calibrated questions” can stimulate and energize your sales process
  • The importance of giving the customer the ability to control what happens next
  • Why even the most tenured sales reps sometimes overlook the obvious
  • The word all salespeople need to strike from their vocabulary

Plus, we go through a real-life scenario where Clark coached a green rep how to walk into a clinic and walk out with an actionable commitment to a trial in a matter of minutes—without an appointment!

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