Thank You, Errors: Connecting the Dots on Surgical Instrument Reprocessing Challenges

In this episode of Beyond Clean Articles On-The-Go, Hank Balch talks about the lessons we can be learn from the mistakes we make, instead of trying to hide them from each other. — “We keep our error data to ourselves. We track different metrics, we use different targets, and for the love of all that is professional — we keep the quality challenges in-house.

What this means is that we have those damned silo walls so freaking high around our departments that only someone with a lot of nerve and a grappling hook could ever climb in and see what is actually going on in our facility. In the meantime, individual Sterile Processing departments across the country may be struggling with the exact same quality challenges (or completely different ones) and we would have no idea. There could be systemic “crashes” happening at 50 other facilities in the US due to insufficient inspection of aspirating needles, and our own department could be completely oblivious to it…”

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