The Art & Science of Surgery: Confronting the Burden of Perfection

What’s going on in the minds of our surgeons when the patient rolls in, and they take hold of the scalpel for their first incision? If we better understand the burdens of life & death they bear with each procedure, will that help how our Sterile Processing teams can effectively serve them? On this Season 19 premiere of “The Surgeons We Serve,” a season focused on spotlighting the intersection of surgeons & surgical instruments, we sit down with Dr. Bryan Sagray, DPM FACFAS, foot & ankle surgeon, artist, and writer, to dive into his insights on the art & science of surgery. Tune in as we discuss the creative side of surgery, confronting the reality of surgical complications, and the need for greater understanding among all members of the perioperative team. For many of you this may be the first time you’ve ever heard a surgeon directly speak about Sterile Processing, so if you want to hear more, make sure to connect with Dr. Sagray directly on Linkedin to let him know what you thought:

We hope you enjoy the show! Season 19 episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week.

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