The BIOMEDevice Shows and Why They Matter with Adrienne Zepeda, Group Event Director

Have you ever heard of BIOMEDevice Boston or BIOMEDevice Silicone Valley? These are two of several MedTech Industry shows that are known as hubs of new technologies, startup guidance and networking opportunities.  Do you know what goes on at these meetings?  I can tell you that they are organized to give MedTech leaders and startups a view into the technologies and best practices that will shape our devices and services for years to come. Today you are going to learn more about that with the help of our guest, Adrienne Zepeda, Group Event Director, Informa Markets.  Adrienne will talk about who attends these shows, the technical emphasis of the shows, the exhibitors, the very informative events that take place, the keynote speakers, the wide variety of other subject matter experts and how to get the most out of these shows.  BIOMEDevice Boston takes place Sept. 28th and 29th.  BIOMEDevice Silicone Valley takes place Nov. 29th and 30th.

For readers and podcast listeners that want to attend the Expo portion of the BIOMEDevice Boston for free, use the promo code – MDS22 in the registration form found at the BIOMEDevice Boston website link below in the show notes.  It is a $50 value.

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