The Black Hole Beyond The Health Clinic: Helping Patients Take Better Care of Themselves

Patients enter a black hole as soon as they leave their physician’s office. They’re expected to keep up with intense regimens and care for themselves as their doctors do. Unfortunately, this often leads to unnecessary medication errors, inaccurate data, and potentially harmful dosage increases. But what if there was a way to support patients beyond the clinic?

In this week’s episode, Charles Gellman, founder and CEO of HiDO Health joins us to discuss how AI assisted robotics is helping them reduce hospitalizations by 80%. We also discuss how this advanced technology is helping patients care for themselves, reduce medication errors, and receive extra support with ease.

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Tune in to hear more about:

  • AI-assisted robotics
  • Reducing unnecessary medication errors with patients
  • Real-world success stories of patients helping themselves
  • Reducing hospitalizations and increased dosages

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