The D60 Story: 60 Seconds to Disinfect ENT Scopes Using UV Technology

[Listen & download the BONUS content!] Validated disinfection of channel-less endoscopes & TEE probes without water or chemicals all in less than 60 seconds? Welcome to the UV-C revolution, #CleanFreaks! Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ interview is Daan Hoek, co-founder at UV Smart, to discuss how their D60 disinfecting equipment (FDA registered Class 2) is now providing the US with a sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly solution for tackling some of our biggest infection control gaps.

Tune in to hear Daan explain how the D60 achieves minimum log-4 reduction on the full spectrum of infection-causing microorganisms (such as bacteria, spores, and viruses), and actually keeps track of who cleans, disinfects, and removes an endoscope from the D60 after each cycle, eliminating opportunities for reprocessing mistakes.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Check out this short YouTube video about how to implement the D60 system:

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