The Evidence of Clean: Bristles, Bioburden & the Better Brush

Effective endoscopy cleaning is one of the greatest challenges of modern instrument reprocessing. Superbugs and healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are lurking in unseen channels and studies are showing many of our current cleaning practices are still missing the mark. 

Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Jason Minutillo, Director of Quality for SPD and HLD for UCHealth, to speak to the critical role that manual cleaning in general, and effective brushing in particular, plays in taking these medical devices from dirty to clean so that they can be dependably disinfected or sterilized. Learn about the evidence the PULL THRU™ team use to support their belief that the PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush is the most beneficial single-pass cleaning brush on the market today.

Tune in to hear more! 

If you enjoy what you hear on today’s Vendor Spotlight™, contact PULL THRU™ or your local distributor for a demo pack – containing a short length of channel and a PULL THRU brush.  Dip one end of the tube into a cup of cold coffee and see how well the PULL THRU brush works (but don’t drink the coffee afterwards!) 

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