The Future of Patient Engagement w/ Podium’s Bryan Oram #156

Patient engagement is on the rise now more than ever! The question is, are you riding the wave, or missing the swell? With today’s guest, Bryan Oram, you won’t have to wonder because, through Podium, you have every tool you need to be a part of the growing space of patient engagement. Patient’s expectations are high. They are searching for a convenient experience that meets all their needs AND is accessible right on their phone or laptop. So tune into this episode and learn about the future of patient engagement.

Bryan Oram is the AVP of Sales Enterprise at Podium – an incredibly powerful platform that helps local businesses get connected with their community to create conversions through communication. 



[00:01 – 04:01] Patients Are Looking to Engage with You

  • I introduce our guest Bryan Oram
    • Background  
  • The future of patient engagement is on the rise and it’s changing.
    • Engagement is on the rise
    • Digital engagement is becoming much more important

[04:02 – 18:15] The Future of Patient Engagement

  • Higher conversion rates through SMS and digital outreach 
    • People want to leave reviews 
    • It needs to be convenient 
  • How Bryan integrates text messaging into the patient experience 
  • A comparison between text and emailing
    • Email – 20% open rate
    • Texting – 97% open rate
  • The impact of reviews and your online rating
  • Podium’s effects on payment processing 
  • Predictions on the future of engagement
    • Telehealth is not going anywhere
    • How communication is changing

[18:17 – 25:39] Changing with the Challenges

  • How large organizations are handling telehealth
    • Creating a ‘frictionless experience’
    • Handling the frustrations of competition 
  • Why Podium? 
  • Bryan shares his biggest challenges to get to where he is 
    • The challenge of transforming organizations
  • Centralizing your engagement through Podium 

[25:40 – 28:59] Closing Segment

  • HIPAA compliant communication
  • How to connect with Bryan
    • Links below 
    • The evaluation process
  • Final thoughts
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“The entire patient journey is something that needs to be thought through with a digital lens… It is critical to optimize for it.” – Bryan Oram

“Email gets about a 20% open rate… When you compare that to text messages, text messages get about a 98% open rate… and again I can’t stress enough how important reviews are.” – Bryan Oram

“Effective communication pre and post-visit is going to become more important and more digital than ever before.” – Bryan Oram


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