The Giant Facility Fostering ‘Top Gun’ Surgeons and Smarter MedTech Development

It’s great to have the backing of a key opinion leader, but do the folks in the trenches respect your product? Anesthesiologist Dr. Aaron Ali has witnessed scores of MedTech companies fail to design devices that take into account the needs of everyone in the operating room. The problem? Not enough access to the voice of the customer. That’s why Dr. Ali co-founded MedtoMarket with a mission to collect a multitude of valuable perspectives under one roof. We sat down with him to discuss the spirit behind MedtoMarket’s massive facility for co-working, consulting, and advanced medical training.  


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How MedTech companies can tap into the “360° perspective” of an operating room
  • The limitations of developing devices on university campuses   
  • Why every physician needs more than humdrum conferences to further their education
  • How stronger collaboration between startups and practicing physicians improves patient care

Plus, we look at ways to step back from bureaucracy and get a more holistic view of customers. 

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