The Magic Box? Demystifying the Washer Disinfector

It’s the perfect combination of strategic water delivery, meticulously designed chemical dosing, and mechanically controlled temperature all aiming at the lofty goal of achieving “clean” surgical instruments. Yes, we’re talking about your department’s Washer/Disinfector equipment. On this Season 17 “Power to Process”, episode 2, we bring back Beyond Clean contributor and Myth-Busting alumnus René Vis, International Product Line Manager at Steelco, to take us on a journey through this unique piece of automated reprocessing equipment that stands guard between the dirty and clean sides of our departments. What are the different types of washers on the market today and how do they work? What does the future of washer technology look as our industry continues to push further into the 21st century? Tune in for René’s insights on one of the most important pieces of Sterile Processing equipment in our hospitals. It’s time to go #BeyondClean! 

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