The Origin Story of Instrument Quality: Making Rongeurs That Stand the Test of Time

When our industry talks about “instrument quality,” what do we really mean? What does that quality standard actually give us? And where does it actually begin? Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Alex Ebner, CEO of Wiggins Medical to speak with us about the origin of surgical instrument quality that reaches back to what some describe as the epicenter of instrument manufacturing excellence, Tuttlingen, Germany. Why is it so important to design devices that can effectively be cleaned? What is the importance of sharp & durable rongeurs in the surgical setting? And what is so special about this little German town that gets so much attention from the surgical instrument world? Listen as Alex shares his experiences in working with manufacturers in Tuttlingen, and outlines his team’s vision for providing quality made instruments to provide safer care for surgical patients. This story it bigger than one instrument or even one company. It will take you to the core of who we are as an industry committed to quality — from the raw stainless steel to the first incision. 

We hope you enjoy the discussion!

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