The Proven Path to Career Advancement: Actionable Tips From Bret Barrie’s New Book

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When is the last time you participated in a dress rehearsal? Let us rephrase that. When is the last time you dressed for the role you wanted, took actionable steps to showcase your ability to perform in that role, and gathered valuable feedback from the ones calling the shots? If you’re seeking career advancement, there are tactics to help you get there.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, Bret Barrie joins us with his roadmap to success, “Promoted: The Proven Path to Career Advancement.” We break down concepts from the book to offer listeners actionable advice on topics like what to do after you didn’t get the promotion you wanted, how to show that you have what it takes to lead, and what it really means to be off self and on purpose.

We also talk about:

  • Specific steps you can take to get the promotion you’re looking for
  • How to navigate difficult conversations with leadership
  • Why it’s important to be aware of how others see you in the workplace
  • The value behind proposing solutions rather than pointing out issues
  • Creating a positive culture for every member of a team

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