The Risk, Thrill, and Reward of Venturing Beyond a Cozy Base Salary

So there’s W2 employment… And then there’s self-employment. How do you make that jump? Our guest Jamie Tipton is the founder and principal of Clutch City Medical. His experience across a variety of organizations in the industry gives him perspective on working for the large strategics, early commercial stage startups, and small business ownership. According to Jamie, amazing things happen when you cut the safety net and walk out on the tightrope. Your professional partnerships reach new levels of depth, you see opportunities others don’t, and you find out what you’re truly made of. Join us as he recounts the magic of finally having an idea worth struggling for.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why helping integrate a new therapy into a practice is 70% of the job
  • How to spot and avoid the dreaded “B.S. Yes”
  • Exciting opportunities in the interventional pain space
  • The necessity of partnering with a competent business advisor

Plus, we discuss why having one or two committed people in your corner is all you need to build momentum.

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