The Shifting MedTech Market: Surviving Budget Cuts, Sudden Insurance Changes, & More

There are a lot of macroeconomic events unfolding right now, and they’re affecting budgets at MedTech companies across the country. How are those budget changes impacting execution in the field? We’ve gotten several requests to discuss multiple concerns that are hitting the market—questions like, “What if budget cuts mean I’m no longer able to do lunches?” From navigating sudden insurance changes to hitting quotas with less resources at your disposal, we’ll walk you through the minefield that is today’s medical device sales market and focus on the proven tactics that will see you through turbulent times. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to stop being paralyzed by ‘what if’s and start building what’s next
  • The power of being transparent with providers about budget cuts (i.e., no more free lunches)
  • Simple mindset exercises to help you avoid the trap of victimhood
  • How to tactfully remind providers of what’s at stake and ask: “Can you afford not to try this?”

Plus, we explore other ways to do more with less and come out on top.

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