The Time of Your (Shelf) Life: Event Related & Time Related Sterile Storage

Few topics are as debated in Sterile Processing circles today as the topic of “event related sterility” and packaging shelf life. If packaging has a shelf life listed in the IFU, do you have to follow it — or can hospitals decide to do their own thing? Does an extended period of storage constitute an “event”? How do manufacturers determine shelf life in the first place? The questions are endless, but on this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast we bring the dynamic duo of Jennifer Benolken and Malinda Elammari onto the show to start setting the record straight on some of the issues that confuse department personnel and accreditation surveyors alike. CE Credit -> #BeyondClean #WeFightDirty #SterileProcessing #CEs #ShelfLife #EventRelated #Storage #SterileStorage #Surgery #SPD #CSSD #MDR #Podcast


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