The Water Standard: Compliance & Safety in Sterile Processing

Water is easy to take for granted in Sterile Processing, but the reality is that our water can have dramatic impacts on our department’s ability to safely & compliantly care for our surgical patients. How do you know where to start to take your facility’s water quality seriously? On this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series, we sit down with Nikhil Sheth, Marketing Manager at Nalco Water & Don Rotter, RD&E Program Leader at Ecolab to dive into the complex world of hospital water management, and talk about the industry-leading partnerships available to Sterile Processing departments to hardwire water quality from the very beginning. Tune in for this discussion around current industry guidelines, market trends within the space, and practical steps your team can take today to improve your department’s water quality. 

For more information on how the new AAMI ST108 updates will impact you, contact your local Nalco Water rep for an educational seminar and site survey of your water systems.  

To learn more about how routine water monitoring & washer verification can help your team, visit

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