Thriving in Chaos: Unleashing Neurodiverse Potential in Supply Chain and Beyond!

Episodes NOW CEC APPROVED for AHRMM members! // This week on the Power Supply podcast, we’re uncovering the power of neurodiversity in the dynamic world of supply chain and leadership. Joining us this week is Gwen Janssen, a trailblazing nursing and supply chain leader diagnosed with ADHD and autism, on a mission to normalize neurodiversity in the workplace. Gwen shares her personal challenges and triumphs while offering a new perspective that challenges traditional ideas of productivity and creativity. In an environment where chaos breeds innovation, Gwen reveals how neurodiverse individuals can thrive in the healthcare supply chain industry by embracing their distinctive perspectives and capabilities. Join us as we discover the power of embracing neurodiversity and fostering environments that celebrate individual strengths and transform industries. This unforgettable episode may just change the way we perceive success and leadership in supply chain!

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