Tips and techniques to avoid the default “No” in sales

Trying to gain access to a medical office or surgeon? Chances are, you’re doing it wrong…or just like everyone else. And that’s not good. In this episode, we learn how Jessica Zampedri, a consultant for orthopedic and spine surgeons, is approaching the challenge of access and how she’s building net new relationships in strategic ways.

Jessica shares how she’s standing out from the other MedTech sales clutter, how to use personalized videos, and why the dreaded imposter syndrome will stop you dead in your tracks.   

What we discuss in the episode:

  • How we make decisions and why logic goes out the window many times
  • Why sales reps struggle to get access to surgeons
  • How Jessica is using personalized sales videos and how it’s opening doors for her
  • The impact of “mental calories” in sales and why you’re getting default “No”
  • The 6 P’s and the role of social edifying
  • Recommendations for cadence in outreach and touch points

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