Under Pressure: Going Beyond Water Myths in Device Reprocessing

Ever had a wet pack in your steam sterilizer? Ever had a surgeon question a water spot or discoloration on a surgical instrument? Well then, you’re going to want to tune in for this podcast release of Jonathan Wilder’s Beyond Clean Expert Series™ Conference session, as we go beyond busted pipes and bust some of the most pervasive water myths in our industry. What guidelines are you expected to know about and follow regarding your water? What impact can poor water quality have on your equipment, instruments, and even bottom line?

Make sure to bring your Clinical Engineering and Facilities Management team members to this session so you can have a thoughtful discussion around ensuring your water is working for you and not against you!

You can access more content from our Water Quality Expert Series™ by visiting: https://www.beyondclean.net/water-quality-expert

Our 2022 Expert Series Conference podcast episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week.

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