What Drives Your Sales Team? How Understanding Individual Motivations Leads to Peak Performance

Tim Frazee is an Area Director at Axonics Modulation Technologies—and a master motivator. His experience in building and leading teams across multiple specialties has given him valuable insight into understanding individual motivations. In this episode, he’ll share ways to identify what truly drives your employees—and how to use their strengths and motivations to develop a custom coaching plan that results in peak performance.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why sales leaders must be comfortable not having complete control over their success
  • The common motivations of MedTech sales teams
  • Some individual motivations that should be seen as red flags
  • How to stay on top of an individual’s shifting motivations
  • Ways to use coaching to tap into an individual’s strengths and motivations

Plus, we take a look through the startup lens and share tips for balancing the team’s personal motivations with short-term business expectations and sustainable pipeline growth.

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