What’s News is Old: An FDA Letter Update with ONE TRAY®

With over 4 million uses in the surgical setting and zero known adverse events for the 9-year history of the device, the safety of the ONE TRAY® container is beyond question. Recent acknowledgments from FDA have confirmed the manufacturer’s validated 48-hour storage claim, thus moving it out of any conversation regarding immediate-use. So, what’s next? On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ Series, we speak with Dave Billman, COO of ONE TRAY® IST about the latest communications regarding the company’s product, the historical interactions that have led them to where they are today, and the way forward for current & future users of this American-made rigid container solution. Whether you have been following the ONE TRAY® conversation since the very beginning or are new to the industry shifts, this interview is the one you’ve all been waiting for! 

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