When Referrals Aren’t Enough: A Study in Taking Back Control of Patient Flow

We’re taught that referral networks are the lifeblood of private practices, but what happens when they’re not enough? Jeremiah Jorgensen, physical therapist and principal owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Lincoln, Nebraska, sat down with us to share his story. Like many specialty practices, Jeremiah found that his relationships with just a handful of referral sources had begun to completely define his business. Rather than continue at the mercy of others, he took back control of his patient flow, scaled strategically, and dodged a high-volume tidal wave after the pandemic hit. We discuss how practices can responsibly manage staff as they scale, what it takes to reach a patient population that isn’t already self-selected, and why “brand” should take a backseat in their growth-driven strategy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Why specialty practices end up at the mercy of their referral partners in the first place

– How to leverage social media algorithms to reach new audiences

– How to help set realistic expectations for growth and avoid staff burnout

– Why specific, experiential messaging trumps general “head-to toe” slogans

-Why aligning with the right business partner—e.g., a savvy accountant—makes all the difference

Plus, we explore the diminishing returns of community involvement as a marketing strategy.



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