When Tools and Training Are Out of Reach: Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust-Christina Fast

In 2011, Christina Fast, an internationally certified Sterile Processing Educator, volunteered on the Africa Mercy—the world’s largest floating hospital. While docked in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Christina visited the sterile processing department of a local healthcare facility where she witnessed health care workers responsible for reprocessing surgical instruments who had never received training. Upon her return to Canada, Christina shared her vision of starting an organization to help decrease the risk of surgical infections in resource-constrained countries. Christina founded the Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust (SPECT) in 2013 and has since educated over 1400 sterile processing professionals in 14 different countries. For all of you wanting to learn about how you can make an impact on patient safety, both locally and globally, and support the mission of SPECT, tune in to this episode of Beyond Clean for a double dose of motivation and inspiration!

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