Why Referral Based Practices Should Focus on Digital Marketing w/ David Schwegman MD #158

If you know your practice changes lives and can change hundreds more, why would you keep it silent from the world? This episode will help you get your name out there. Dr. Schwegman graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1998. He then served as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine for almost 8 years during which time he had numerous awards including “Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year.” Dr. Schwegman then pivoted into Hyperbaric Medicine soon becoming the Chief Medical Director of Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia and the Chief Medical Officer of HyperbaRXs. He served as the founding co-chairman of the Save a Leg, Save a Life foundation Atlanta chapter and was featured in the Atlanta Magazine as a “2011 Atlanta Top Doctor”. 


Let’s jump into the episode with Dr. Schwegman as he explains why referral based practices should focus on digital marketing and how to do it effectively.


[00:01 – 05:09] From 45,000 ft High to 45 ft Below

  • I introduce our guest Dr. Schwegman 
  • Dr. Schwegman gives some background on his venture into Hyperbarics
    • Started as an academic emergency physician 
    • Aviation medicine 
    • The leap to sub-specializing in Hyperbaric medicine 
  • Navigating the transition into a private practice 
    • The challenge of running the marketing piece 
    • The importance of educating others
    • Being under a critical lens – evidence based medicine


[05:10 – 14:14] Why Referral Based Practices Should Focus on Digital Marketing

  • We need to change what we do 
    • Referrals in and referrals back out 
    • A difficult area to get referrals in 
  • Dr. Schwegman’s view on the changes in the patient journey 
    • Recognizing the limits of your practice 
    • We had no choice but to evolve 
  • Using digital marketing to educate potential customers 
    • Getting directly to patients 
    • Hiring experts to help and guide Physicians
    • Subverting mental energy costs 
    • The big wins it gives Physicians 

[14:15 – 24:11] Bringing in Outside Help to Make Your Practice Successful

  • Patient point of care – using a documentary as marketing 
    • A deeper look at the life changing effects of hyperbarics 
    • Collecting your most powerful stories 
  • How Dr. Schwegman shares the practice of Hyperbaric Medicine with the world
    • Helping people get set up without the pitfalls 
    • All the unique elements that need to be put in place 
    • The benefits of getting a consultant 

[24:12 – 35:54] Closing Segment

  • How to connect with Dr. Schwegman
    • Links below 
  • Final words 
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Learning the medicine wasn’t the hard part, it was putting all the pieces together so that you could run a successful practice, and doing so in a manner that always puts patients first.” – Dr. David Schwegman

“If we don’t have to keep repeating the same thing day in and day out, that’s a huge win for us… If we’re able to be more efficient by not having to spend as much time educating patients, then we can actually help more people.” – Dr. David Schwegman

Want to connect with Dr. Schwegman? Go visit https://hbomdga.com/ to learn how you can get in touch. 


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