Doctor, do you need a personal branded microsite?

  • Doctor, do you need a personal branded microsite?

    Posted by Matthew Ray Scott on December 11, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    Do you need a personal branded website if you’re part of a multi-surgeon practice?


    If you believe my premise that patients are beginning to choose doctors rather than hospitals and practices, then you might consider.

    Here’s an example:

    Dr. Jian Shen. Have you met him? What a gentleman. Don’t try and keep up with him on a run around Central Park.

    Dr. Shen is an experienced endoscopic spine surgeon. But so are others.

    Here’s what we did to help differentiate himself in the mindset of his ideal patients:

    1. Develop a branded and proprietary PROCEDURE name. We came up with enVision spine surgery.

    Pro Tip: Surgeons can compete in the messy middle of commodity terms such as “minimally-invasive” or become synonymous with a unique procedure name.

    2. Lead with PERSPECTIVE rather than technology.

    Pro Tip: You use the latest technology to treat your patients, right? It’s what most spine surgeons say. Do you see how this can be confusing for many patients.

    3. Focus on patient-centric PROCESS/journey.

    Pro Tip: Understand how patients make decisions and focus your patient marketing upon building trust at every touch-point.

    This is our 3-step personal website approach for surgeons that want to become the “specialist in their specialty.”

    You can view the envision spine surgery website at –>>

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